written 3/6/2010

Ok, so heres a few things that people do that really make me mad. I think I’m really just trying to find out if there is anyone else out there who is with me on these, and to open people’s eyes that what they do may or may not be absurd.

So when you are working, shopping, or sitting in a classroom full of other people, do you sing at decibels that are so loud that you fill the whole room with your voice? Do continue as if it is your mission to get the song stuck in everyone else’s head?


Of course not. Thats rude and absurd. But- for some reason- people think it is acceptable to whistle shrill notes into huge crowds as if they all came to hear the stacatto-esque notes of “Poker Face” blown out from your lips. I assure you that no one is impressed that you know the tune of whatever trendy song that the GAP is playing, but you have to assure all of us that you are able to follow the chorus with ease.

I’m not necessarily talking about those who do it nonchalantly to themselves,  I understand that you may do it subconsciously or at a volume you think no one else really hears. I’m talking about those who want to fill the cafe’ with “Here Comes Santa Clause” or “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” regardless of the time of year or how many people are trapped in there with you.

When I point this out to whistlers, they usually try to defend their habit with statements like “I bet you can’t whistle” or “you’re just jealous that I can do it so well”. Of course I can whistle, I would wager that more than 50% of our population can, they just don’t want to annoy everyone else around them. That and I’m pretty sure whistling well ranks in merit somewhere in between drawing stick figures and reading Dr. Suess without getting tongue tied.

My next grievance may hit home with quite a few people. You may not understand this initially, but people need to realize what they are doing,

Now I’m going to quit being a scrooge and  compensate by working on a blog that points out what people do that I love.

I’ll have that out next NEVER.

Just kidding, its already in the works.