Posted 3/8/2010

So like any responsible home-owning adult (which I pretend to be one), I have plans to work on chores around the house.

First off, chores I need to accomplish:
Laundry (we have loads of it)
Organize my desk (I still have notebooks from last semester sitting around me)

also, please note that I am not the woman in this photo.
Clean out and vacuum my car.
This really is my car. Seriously, I’m not joking. That is it is really an exaggeration and representation of how neglectful I have been with its cleanliness.
And then I hope to make it to the gym a few times. I like to keep fit.
Then there is fun to be had:
I’m working on two different blogs right now that I hope to have published soon
I also plan on writing more in my book. I like to utilize what free time I have for writing.
I also got a new book in the mail I think I may start.
I’m also hoping to play some
I just got to rank 40, which I know isn’t that high, but I don’t play Xbox that much!
I also have to call every member of my family. I seriously haven’t talked to most of them since Christmas! I’m working on that though!
And hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish all of this while I also get to hang out with Joanna. I still like her. I wonder when we end up like Everybody Loves Raymond?