Posted 3/6/2010

Oh man I’m on Spring Break, and this is my first day off in a while! I’m feeling ambitious about my goals for the break, so like everything I do in my life, I’m making lists!

Heres what I have successfully accomplished this morning:

I read these articles while sipping a press of Casi Cielo.

Honestly, I didn’t see either of these movies! I totally missed the Avatar bus (I really meant to see it), and I never really understood what “Hurt Locker” was supposed to be about… So like most every year, the closest I will get to the Oscars will be when I sit down with an Oscar Meyer hot dog reading who won what.

What I don’t get is how Avatar could win many of the big awards though. I understand that it isn’t so much about the originality of the story, but how it is told, and how amazing the graphics are. Maybe Cameron will get Best Director though.,2933,588074,00.html

And this guy was just crazy. I am most definitely distrustful of our government, especially at a federal level, but to think that they were part of the 9/11 attacks seems to fit in with paranoia more than fit in with facts. Anyone who thinks that they can walk up to the Pentagon and start shooting people is obviously not sane. I mean, I can’t imagine how many guards armed to the teeth there are in any federal building in D.C.

I just think that these people take distrust too far. I think that there are plenty things you can dislike about Bush without ever touching something as absurd and unprovable as 9/11 truth-ers. I mean he skyrocketed our national debt, and tried to call it “saving the free market by abandoning free market principles”.

You don’t need elaborate theories to point out that our system is corrupt. All you need to do is watch the news. Senators not paying their taxes, politicians receiving illegal bribes, and congressmen looking for sex in bathroom stalls. I mean we joke about politicians being two-faced and corrupt like its not an everyday truth.

Ok, off my soapbox. Its Spring Break, and I’m not going to stress.

Anyways, now I have breakfast, brew, and blogging out of my way and its only 11:00!