So I don’t ever want to sound like I hate my job. The pay is ok, most customers are great, and I’ve definitely had worse bosses. I love coffee, I like serving people, and tips have always been cool. My job is active, so I don’t have to worry about sitting down and being fidgety all day, and it also has its share of challenges.

That being said, I may complain about my job more than I talk about how much I love it. Just look at it as a way to vent.

The first thing that makes me happy is so simple; all I need is eye contact and a smile. I don’t care if the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “caramel macarena” or “mochaccino”, if you can first acknowledge that I exist, then we will get along. You would be surprised in the amount of people stare at our menu the entire time they order, and then look at the counter as they pay.

Ok, so this is a pleasure I get at the customer’s expense. Just imagine completing your order in the Drive Thru as your favorite song comes on…. How can you not sing along? Our speakers don’t only pick your voice whenever you want us to hear it, we get to know how much you love Taylor Swift for as long as you stay next to that box!

So we have a regular at our store who I will leave unnamed. No, I’m going to give her a fake name… Her name is Daphne. She spends probably about $150 at our store a month on just her drink, and then she sometimes buys her boyfriend’s drink too. She comes to our store some days and doesn’t talk much, and on others she is more chatty. But at least once a week Daphne lets us know how much she loves us, and how great she thinks we are. I have no idea if she makes a million dollars a year, or if she stays at home, but all I know is that she makes us feel very appreciated.

Then theres Velma, she works at a nearby hospital, and she is one of the happiest people I know. I realize that she has awful days, I mean everyone does, but Velma is always sure to smile and give us a one liner like “If I was doing any better, I’d have to give some of it away!” She always makes sure to be sweet, and yet not hang us up in conversation when we get busy.

I think that one of the  best things that a customer can do is simply be understanding. Sometimes we run out of syrup, we don’t include a spoon in your oatmeal, we have longer wait times, or we just plain make your drink wrong. This is not the end of the world. Internet, I don’t think you have any idea how many Divas we have that throw a fit when we make a mistake. So, naturally, when someone is easygoing, they  can simply bring it back, tell us what is wrong, and let us make your drink right. (I mean it cost you $5.00, we care about the drink you’re getting)

So these are some things that I love about my job. Don’t say I never said something nice.