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What makes a movie so amazing? If your answer is “Whether or not is was originally a Nicholas Sparks book”, then you are dead to me.

No, you first think of Actors, of course. They are what you see. Then you probably think of directors. Then, who knows what? Well, what I would love to try and get everyone to do is go out and buy a soundtrack by the time you finish reading this blog. You hear the music going on whether you realize it or not.

Think of Jurassic Park, in the scene where they are looking at the island as they are approaching by helicopter. You see all of the lush green land as it lands on the pad. Imagine Dr. Grant as he looks out of the Jeep and runs out excitedly towards the Brontosaurus. Now  I can gurantee you that John Williams’ score is stuck in your head by just the memory. It shapes your feeling of awe inspiring as they tour the island watching dinosaurs walk about without any of the actors saying a word. Think of the opening credits of Star Wars, can’t you hear the music just by imagining the blue font?

Star Wars brings me to a story I was not able to reinforce with a citation. Someone told me that Williams’ score wasn’t ready when they first screened the movie to critics. All of the voices and effects were fine, but there was simply no music. After the movie was over, the critics scolded George Lucas to his face, telling him the movie was unacceptable, and that it will go nowhere.

Then, as you know Star Wars ended up being a huge hit! Was it all thanks to John Williams? Or was it just a cruel batch of critics? Who knows, but I think that the answer is obvious.

So if you want to start listening to a soundtrack, let me paint a guide for you.

1. Find your favorite movie, and buy the score to it. Dont get the soundtrack with all of the bands on it, make sure its the score that goes with it. Relive the movie with the sounds as it takes you up and down.

2. If you’re looking for something to get your heart racing; Grab the 300 soundtrack. Tyler Bates sets out tracks that capture the gritty, adrenaline flowing music that gets you going. Another good one is The Man on fire Soundtrack. Its pretty dynamic, going back and forth from strings to rave music.

3. If you’re looking for a great all around soundtrack, go for Pirates of the Caribbean (any or all of the three). Listen to Gladiator or Avatar and experience a wide range of music that you can enjoy whether you have seen the, or not.

4. If you want to really get in the Christmas spirit, try listening to the Holiday Soundtrack. Without a word, it gives you a feeling of wonder and joy. Zimmer gives you that chill up your spine that forces a smile on your face and really puts you in the holiday spirit.

5. After you have discovered a few Composers that you love, try searching for more! Heres a few I really like; Hans Zimmer. Harry Gregson Williams, John Williams, James Newton Howard, Steve Jablonsky, James Horner, Clint Mansell, and Tyler Bates.

Go out and expand our horizons today.



Alright, I lost the original post. It got deleted somehow, so heres what up starting from my last saved draft!

So I haven’t posted all week because Joanna and I have been in Savannah and Atlanta for a few days!

We had a really great time, to put it all too short. It felt a little impromptu, since it all started when I bought tickets to see ATHLETE not so long ago. We started making plans for other things we could do in Atlanta, and before we knew it we had a whole five day vacation planned out.

We drove straight to Savannah on the first day, and the weather was pretty great the whole drive down. We had taken out all of our CDs, in case they were stolen, and only had the ipod connected to our FM transmitter as our source of music. This was a really good idea in theory, I mean there are hundreds of stations we could transmit on, so we would have to find a good one out there somewhere, right? Well, after rediscovering our neurotic behavior towards radio static,  we realized that we had left The Black Keys in the CD player. Lets just say that I can now recite Brothers word for word from start to finish. I don’t mean to sound like it wasn’t enjoyable, the drive was quite nice, and the only place we had a lot of trouble finding a station was Atlanta.

Joanna’s Droid was super cool, it had turn by turn directions in google maps, and it got us to our room in no time. It was pretty much the staple of our trip now that I think back about it. If that thing had broken, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have been able to leave our room.

The city was hot. Like hot hot. I loved the city, though. Joanna took me through different shops and places to get accustomed to the town, and we got to find all kinds of amazing art, and some cool stuff done by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

One of our first nights we took a ghost tour and had the most ridiculous guide.  He was part Captain Jack Sparrow, part Mic Jagger. He would toss his hands in the wind, and touch things as he lead us from haunted sight to haunted sight with a swagger that could only come from hours and hours of watching Pirates of the Caribbean. He would twist around and tell us about all of the deaths, plagues, suicides, and duels around the town with a dark grin on his face, which was perfect for the trip. To sum up our ghost tour: Savannah is haunted.

We hit up Tybee Beach and watched pelicans fish. The water was just right, and we had a great time swimming and reading in our chairs. We stayed on Lafayette square in a suite of a redone house from the 1800s. Our room was awesome, it was spacious and had a balcony overlooking St. Johns’ Cathedral, which was beautiful and also from the 1800s.

There was a cemetery for American Soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War, which was so cool. Most of the tombstones were unreadable now, but I felt so patriotic standing among the bones of the people who fought for our country. Another cool thing is that several of the graves had a Masonic emblem/crest thingy on them. I have a close friend who is a mason, and it was crazy to think that they have been around for so long.

On the point of Masons, I came to this conclusion: if conspiracy theorists are right, and the Masons really are secretly plotting to take over the world, then they are certainly taking their time.

I also got to watch some world cup games… my favorite teams were in this order; USA, England, Portugal, Brazil, Germany. So as you see, I stopped watching the games after Portugal lost.

We went to another cemetery called Bonaventure, and it was HUGE. I think that one of them was even labeled “Mother Grimm”. It was so interesting to see graves from different religions and classes of people.

It was a great time, and when we were done, we headed to Atlanta.

Hotlanta proved its name while we were down there. We had thought about going to the aquarium, but we decided to take the day off and chill for the majority of the day. We, after taking the (bad) advice of the concierge at our hotel desk, rode the subway to go see Athlete. Then we walked for a long, long time to our concert. We trudged by two other MARTA (subway) stations on the way, and got there just as the doors opened.

The setting was very intimate once we got in there. There were a few tables, a pool table, and a bar. There was an open area for the audience in from of the stage that fit around a hundred people, and a decent stage. In totality, I would say that there were about 150 people there by the time Athlete took the stage.

I feel like I cant call myself a huge Athlete fan, cause Joanna is quite obsessed. That being said, they were everything that a fan could want. They had a great stage presence, played songs from all of their albums, and had the whole crowd involved. It felt like they had just started by the time they were returning for their encore, and they moved us one more time.

It was such an experience to see so many fans of a band from so far away. The people there treated them as if they were radiohead, and knew every word from every song they played. Everyone was screaming between every song, and chanted anything we were prompted to.

Then, after a short wait after the concert, they came out and we actually got to meet them! They were really cool guys, and they signed our shirts! Joanna got a couple of pictures, and picked up a little bit of a crush on one of them as well.

Then we headed back to our hotel and left for home in the morning! Its nice being back. I like Vacations, but its always great to come home.