This is for all of those people who think that nothing is on. I know that having 300 channels is overload, but there are some really quality shows out there, and I’m here to list the ten best shows out there right now.

1. The Big Bang Theory: This show is witty on a whole new level. It follows four physicists who are socially inept, awkwardly dressed, and unable to make any kind of connection with the opposite sex. The worst of them is Sheldon (who just won an Emmy for this show), who is more awkward than the rest of them combine. Every episode is an adventure trying to figure out how they get along, and how their (comparatively) normal neighbor tolerates them.

2. Pawn Stars: This show is so cool, and I would have never thought it. Its a reality show about a pawn shop in Las Vegas owned by three generations of family. Its really great, because you get the craziest stuff brought in there by some of the craziest people. Its really fun, and makes me want to own a pawn shop.

3. Modern Family: This show is too funny. Its shot in a similar style as The Office, but is centered around a grown up family and their kids. This show really is too hilarious to miss, take my word for it.

4. American Idol: I don’t know how many years I avoided jumping on this train, but its a fun show to watch. I think its going to be especially interesting this year, because they are replacing two of the judges  and the new dynamic should be interesting to watch. I mean seriously, if you’re still judging me, at least watch the first couple of episodes. I mean that way you can at least laugh at the pathetic people.

5. How I Met Your Mother: I just started watching this show, but it seems like its Seinfeld for a new generation. Its a funny show for sure, but I havent made up my mind whether or not its as iconic as I’ve heard.

6. Ice Road Truckers: This show is intense. Its another reality show, following truckers in Alaska as they take on a road that is mostly covered in ice. It really is a lot of fun, although its stressful too.

7. Glenn Beck: Oh, I went there. This guy gets called every name in the book, but no one refutes him. Hes the kind of guy you love or hate, cause he does not sugar coat anything. People use hearsay, and don’t give him a chance, but pay attention to him and his chalkboards, and you might start gaining some clarity on whats going on around you. Still judging me? Watch him for two weeks, and tell me what hes wrong about.

8. House: Dr. House is one of the most interesting characters out there. Hes a diagnostic genius, and a total jerk. The writers have done a great job with this show, because they were able to have a show where the characters progress, but you can still watch any random episode and have a good idea of what is going on.

9. Man vs Wild: Bear Grylls is the man. Enough said. If needed to I’m pretty sure he could start a fire with a mean look, and kill a tiger just by growling. The man will go anywhere, eat anything, and make a decent bed out of stone, sweat, and

10. Psych: I saved the best for last. This is the funniest show on TV right now, and hardly anyone I know watches it. Shawn Spencer is a great detective who claims to be psychic (not to be confused with the Mentalist, which apparently ripped the show off). The show is centered around Shawn and Gus as they help solve crimes for the Santa Barbra PD, but its more than another CSI show. These guys will crack you up from start to finish. Its equal parts Scooby Doo, CSI, 80s and 90s humor, mystery, comedy, and wit.

Honorable Mention: LOST. This show was the best show to come on TV. You can’t just watch reruns on a Saturday afternoon while you nap, you have to see the show in its entirety. It is centered around a plane crash in the south-pacific, that ends up becoming more and more mysterious. I cannot express to you in words how good this show is, only that you have to try it out. Just go to your netflix or blockbuster, and try the first season; I guarantee you will be hooked.