So this past Saturday I finally graduated from college. Its been 6 years, but I have been through a change in schools, and three majors since I started in 2004.I’ve taken so many classes that at this point I think that I was about 6 credit hours away from a degree in everything-ology. I have considered dropping out twice, changing schools again, and at times even going to grad school. This post is for all of those who might want to reminisce, learn about, or even try to change how to survive college.

1. College is all about the professor. I know that you will have professors that you agree with, as well as  plenty that you hate. I had a good friend that abhorred his English professor for his ultra- liberal views. The hard part? The fact that he still had to write the guy papers, and this teacher had to aspprove his topic. What did he do? He found common ground with the guy, and wrote a paper on a topic that he saw eye to eye with him. Having a topic that interests the teacher is going to put him in a state of mind where he is willing to forgo some mistakes for the sake of something intriguing.

On the flipside, I wrote one of the best papers of my life for freshman english. We had to compare and contrast two movies, and I had to brilliant idea to use the movies Van Helsing and Underworld. I had some awesome thesis that explained how we have replaced religion with technology in comparing the two, and I was sure to bring this woman to tears as she realized that she worships her computer more than she worships her god/gods. I got a C. I was counted off for things like “too many ‘be’ verbs” and “incorrect gerund phrasing”. Turns out, she was not interested by the subject at all!

Some Professors want you to speak up and ask questions. Others want you to sit back and let them hear him/herself speak. The point is you have to find out what your professor likes, and stay on his good side. This could really mean the difference of a whole letter grade sometimes.

2. Skipping class is touchy. I know that you’re an adult now, and that no one calls your mom when you don’t show up, but there are some people who have skipping down to an art. Every time before spring break, Thanksgiving, or even the Pastafarian holiday “Talk like a Pirate Day”.

3. student loans are not free gifts

4. you can work… and overwork

5. dont be a stereotype